Tree Transplantation / Relocation

" वृक्षो रक्षति रक्षितः "
(one who protects trees is protected)

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Tree Translocation, Transplantation, Relocation

Importance of TREE

Over a period of 50 years:
  • Production of oxygen - 525000 units
  • Carbon sequestration - Carbon sequestration or carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is the long-term removal, capture or sequestration of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to slow or reverse atmospheric CO2 pollution and to mitigate or reverse global warming
  • Providing shelter to various living beings
  • Controlling of Soil Erosion and Fertility - 500000 units
  • Recycling of Water and Controlling of humidity and air temperature - 7728000 units
  • Sheltering of Birds,Squirrels & Insects - 6485000
  • Removal of SPM, CO2, SO2 from air - 201250000
In today's world, a Tree is truly invaluable in comparison with the so called Development.

Tree transplantation or old Tree planting involves moving a live tree from any spot and planting it on a different site. The main idea is to save the trees from being sliced in the wave of urbanization.

"You're actually giving the tree a second lease on life"

Importance of TREE Transplantation / Relocation

As more and more trees and forests are being cleared away every day given the development of housing colonies and escalating industries and multiplexes, the subject of environmental imbalance is becoming a reason for this situation.

How do we overcome this situation? Can we just move this tree to some other place?

This interesting and inspiring thought led RAR to adapt a revolutionary strategy of Tree Transplantation!

Need of TREE Transplantation / Relocation

Tree Transplanting / Relocation is an old practice, which has been employed to rescue, save, or salvage certain trees, which are under threat of cutting or removal or damage due to various reasons. Such trees which are under threat and which also assume importance due to their rarity of occurrence, species type, endangered status, size, age, location, medicinal value, emotional value, aesthetic value, etc., can be considered for Transplanting. Again, though the practice is not new, the technique cannot be applied for all species of all ages at all places. It cannot be done on a large scale basis. Hence, this technique can be employed for a small scale, exigent situation and site specific reasons where few trees of immense importance can be tried for Transplanting.

Our Commercial Associate

We work with Green Morning that has transplanted over 5500+ trees since the year 2009, and are an established tree transplantation service provider and horticulture expert in India.

They have translocated more than 93 different species with average survival rate of 80% and have more than three decades of experience in Agri Consultancy and Farm Management.

Some of their works are shown in the images below.

Tree Translocation, Transplantation, Relocation
Tree Translocation, Transplantation, Relocation
Tree Translocation, Transplantation, Relocation
Tree Translocation, Transplantation, Relocation